You know English grammar, can do tests successfully, but still find it difficult to communicate in English!

Prepositions in English still get you confused!

You will learn to use them correctly and precisely!

Phrasal verbs will no longer be a hard-to-learn mystery!

The implementation of English – 

we’ll discuss all sorts of things: love, faith, age, money, politics and others!

Fun and relaxation – zodiac signs!

You don’t believe in it? Ok! There’s plenty of spoken English to use in every-day communication!

You will learn to make individual speeches within the time limit and create group presentations in the topic given!


Your teacher is no longer a teacher! You are no longer a student!

It’s no longer a lesson!

We are a group of good friends, trusting each other, discussing all sorts of things, coming up with problems and solutions, issues and ideas, questions and answers!

Join us! It’s gonna be lots of fun!


Розмовний курс для всих випускників 3 курсу (які не пішли на 4):

▪️ з 24.01. — 25.05.2023 (18 тижнів),

▪️ щовівторка та щочетверга о 18:30,

▪️ тривалість одного заняття: 1 година 45 хвилин,

▪️ ціна:

 • 10800 грн (3600 грн × 3)

 • або зі знижкою 9720 грн при оплаті всієї суми одразу.


Запис на курс за номерами:

📲 050 345 15 65,

📲 067 460 66 33.


Публічна оферта: